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Jonathon Kramer

L.Ac (NC, CT), D.Ac (RI), Dipl.Ac

​Acupuncturist /Herbalist/ Pulse Technician


Corrective Care, Not a Band-Aid Treatment.

Reconnect to Your Source


900 Paverstone Drive, Suite A (1st Floor)
Raleigh, NC 27615


Patient Reviews:


"As a small business owner; I was stressed, overworked and having a hard time managing my energy. With weekly treatments from Jonathan, my energy has gone through the roof. I am more focused, balance and feeling powerful throughout my weeks now. I have been able to easily manage a 20% growth in my business with the new energy I have. My weekly appointments are golden." ~JM, Executive Business Coach, Raleigh, NC


"My husband was literally days away from having back surgery when we heard about Origin Complete and Dr. Jon. He was skeptical to say the least. But we decided it was worth trying a treatment. After one session, the pain had completely disappeared. He could move like he hadn't been able to in months. He called off the surgery. Now he goes for maintenance visits about once a month, and he's back to playing basketball pain free."  ~Becki


"I went to Jonathan because I had felt like I'd been in a "brain fog" for over a year. It was difficult for me to focus, I felt tired all the time, and it was impacting my ability to do my job and my schoolwork. Jonathan did an assessment and recommended an herbal mixture to help with what he detected to be some issues with overall liver health. I noticed a change in energy within a week, but was skeptical that the herbs were really the cause for the improvement. After a month, though, my brain fog is still lifted--I am much more focused at work and able to keep up with my studies--and my energy levels remain high.  On top of that, some other things I've noticed have changed include a disappearance of my chronic dry eye (no drops) and a decrease in some acne flare ups I've had lately.
I highly recommend Jonathan if you have an overall "somethings-not-right" feeling."  ~Steve


​"Going to see Jonathon is one of my favorite parts of my week. I know every time I go in, I'm going to leave feeling more calm and even better than I felt before I came in. I have been going for a few months now, and I don't plan on stopping my visits anytime soon! I now consider his herbal and acupuncture treatments a part of my normal routine. I love how he explains everything he is going to do, and why he is doing it. He is also so passionate about his work, which I think is so important. I recommend Jonathon to any/everyone I know!" ~Alli


"My wife and I have being seeing Jonathon Kramer for about a year and a half. Before seeing him I was a total skeptic. I am not a big believer In traditional medicine, but seeing a “herbalist” was a little off the chart for me. I attended because my wife suffers from a cognitive issue and modern medicine has totally failed her. She had actually found Jonathon with a friend and I went along to see what was what. 
The initial consultation was free so I had nothing to loose. Please understand that Jonathon is totally committed to his craft, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I call it a craft because what he does can’t be easy to learn.  It sounds simple but he has found issues long buried that continue to plague me. Jonathan and his staff are clear that this is a type of lifestyle and not a quick fix. Everything is explained in a patient manner. I could tell a huge difference in about three days. Beyond words what an impact taking the herbs had.  That type of impact shouldn’t be expected by everyone as deeper issues take time to correct. I feel this is very beneficial, if not hard to explain. I listen to my body and I function better. Everything is on an even keel and so I roll with what life throws at me in a much better way. 
My wife continues to see Jonathon every week. I can tell a difference. This is a longer road because it is a deeper issue. Jonathan told me that when we started and I am deeply appreciative of the progress that has been made."  ~Many thanks, Paul


"Have been seeing Jonathon for over a month now, and have to say for the first time in almost 30 years of living with chronic pain and health issues, I have a good quality of life. I really enjoy Jonathon's willingness to tell you each stage of why the herbs are working and what he is doing when performing acupuncture. I always walk out of his office feeling knowledgeable and in the know of what is going on with my health.
His staff always makes me feel welcome and very at ease as well. 
I never have recommended a doctor before, but I would and have recommended Dr. Jonathon Kramer time and again! " ~Anna 


"I’ve experienced significant improvement in pain levels.  I tried acupuncture in the past for other concerns, and found that it didn’t help.  I was somewhat reluctant to begin the regime again, but am ever so pleased that I did!  I’m feeling better, scheduling is convenient, and Jonathon is spot on with his knowledge about what he does.  Give his office a try…….you won’t regret it!"  ~Michele


"Jonathon has a heart of gold and is truly in this for no reason other than to help people.  He really knows his stuff and is a genius at what he does- his acupuncture treatments were the only thing that helped me when conventional doctors, and even pain medication, did not. If you are considering giving alternative medicine a try, you should definitely come see Jonathon.  It will truly change your life. His staff is really sweet and friendly too. They make a great team and will not disappoint you." ~Danielle