Corrective Care, Not a Band-Aid Treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

There are other professionals that practice acupuncture. What makes neurological acupuncture different from the rest?
Most practitioners including MD, ND, chiropractors, etc., can have as little as 60 hours of training to practice. Jonathon, our lead practitioner, has over 6,400 hours at East West College of Natural Medicine. He was trained as a primary care physician in Florida, which includes lab tests and injections in the scope of practice. For more information on Jonathon, visit our About page

How is Advanced Biomedical Neurological Acupuncture (ABNR) different from acupuncture, dry needling, or medical acupuncture?
ABNR is a neurological based treatment that is dictated by your body.  In the United States, acupuncture is generally used in an energy theory called Traditional Chinese Medicine.  ABNR is strictly physiology and western medicine.  Dry needling is simply needling into trigger points, forcing a relaxation of a muscle.  Unlike ABNR, dry needling has been deemed as painful.  While medical acupuncture is used to treat only pain areas which are locally needled, ABNR is systemic internal medicine that treats pain in a more exact approach. 

How is this herbal treatment different than other places?
Most places use western herbs or even pills of asian formulas. Western herbs are not as time tested as powdered asian herbals. Pills are far more general in approach and therefore not as effective for each individual. It's really the diagnosis method which allows Jonathon to create a customized, streamlined herbal formula for your exact physiology. The customization of formulas and single herbs makes it the apex of natural medicine. 

What makes this approach different than other modalities?
Globally, alternative medicine is used in about 80% of the countries for treatment, and there is a profound amount of research on its effectiveness for corrective care.  Unlike other modalities, this form of medicine precisely finds the issues in the body and  treats not only the physiological, but with it the mental and emotional planes as well. Origin Complete Medicine clinic treats the whole body thoroughly and stimulates the nervous system in unison. This is a stand-alone type of medicine, unless the need is emergency room based - in which case we gladly refer out.  This is a Western physical medicine used in a neurological sense, whereas acupuncture is used in this country as a theoretical model.  

How long does it  take to correct problems?
Every body is a unique blueprint with various combinations of errors mixed in with the properly functioning areas. If one treatment gets you to 50% functionality, then two treatments may make 100%; it all depends on your body and needs. This is not common and is congruent with all forms of medicine. 

Will the problems be fixed for good?
We all have our genetic thresholds. As long as you respect the body and its different limits, then corrections will stay. Each person will have different weaknesses such as digestive, neurological, and others.

What does this actually do?
It enhances the reflexive nature of the nervous system. The nerves are connected to blood vessels, and they communicate both ways. Blood flow dictates healthy nerves, and nerves activate blood flow. This mediates all functions in the body. This style is vastly different than Traditional Chinese Medicine, dry needling, and regular medical acupuncture for pain relief.Type your paragraph here.

How Origin Complete Medicine's acupuncture is different than dry needling:
Dry needling is not corrective care.  It is usually very painful - unlike acupuncture - and treats only simple trigger points.  Jonathon was trained under a European physician on how to use neurological endings to correct physiological, structural, and organ imbalances.  He studied under the most advanced practitioners in the country in palpatory and diagnostic skills, and  in pain and internal medicine treatments.  Dry needling requires MDs and chiropractors as little as 60 hours of training, and many attempt to practice needling that is not acupuncture but is often defined as so.  In this field, we always see last case scenarios or end stage diseases after a patient has tried everything else, yet virtually all will make an 80% or higher recovery with Origin Complete Medicine's quality care.

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